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"Welcome Home" Motivational Softball Poster Print

"Welcome Home" Motivational Softball Poster Print

"Welcome Home" Motivational Softball Poster Print

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Item #SW-OSA-Softball
Regular Price$35.99
Sale Price$29.99
Choose option22 inch x 28 inch print unframed, shipped rolled in a sturdy tube
22 inch x 28 inch print framed with a Nielsen black aluminum 1/4 inch wide frame (+$115)
From The Old School Athletics Inspirational Art Collection

This inspirational print was written by the athlete, for the athlete, and represents a "life statement". It bridges the gap between every generation of athlete that has ever played the game, simply because they love to play the game. Nothing more, and nothing less!

Keep your motivational poster in perfect condition by having it custom framed with a high quality Nielsen black aluminum frame, or the executive black leather finish hardwood frame (see The Athlete Inside the Mirror for image of executive black leather finish hardwood frame). It is heat pressed to a foam board so it will last a lifetime. It is then finished with a clear and durable acrylic glass. Comes with hanging hardware. Looks great in your home or office. Shipped, protected, in a sturdy mirror box.

Quote featured on print:

The count is 3 and 2 and someone is going to have to make a play. I want it to be me. The sport is called softball, but there is nothing soft about this ball. About players who play it. About coaches who swear by it. About the unforgiving infield dirt or the lush grass in the outfield. The batter’s box, the mound – all perfect cuts of a diamond that I don’t wear around my neck or in my ears. This, the softball diamond, is not a reflection of riches, but rather, this diamond enriches in many ways. The pop of the ball in leather and explosion off bat. In the raspberries after a gutsy slide, having just stretched a single into a double. And always, in the unspoken dialogue between batter and pitcher. Enrichment further comes with teammates, laughing about comparisons of underhand to overhand pitching, a comparison I do not dignify with argument. Two words: forty feet. Life on this diamond is about speed, sweat and infield dirt. It’s about exceeding perceived limits of training, realizing precision, then making the big play when it matters most. And then there is the count, which life will always present in various forms. But today, I must make this count part of my history, one that will reflect the courage and determination I have shown on the field and have injected into this game. I yearn for these days under the sun, striding out of a coil and into perfect connection with a screaming ball. In the end, win or lose, today and everyday I welcome 3 and 2. And because I am one who will always confront the possibility of failure while expecting the opposite, I know my teammates, my coaches, and our fans will always give me, a true ballplayer, what I have earned: A warm Welcome Home.

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