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"My Masterpiece" Motivational Golf Poster Print

"My Masterpiece" Motivational Golf Poster Print

"My Masterpiece" Motivational Golf Poster Print

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Item #SW-OAS-MyMasterpiece
Regular Price$35.99
Sale Price$29.99
Choose option22 inch x 28 inch print unframed, shipped rolled in a sturdy tube
22 inch x 28 inch print framed with a Nielsen black aluminum 1/4 inch wide frame (+$115)
From The Old School Athletics Inspirational Art Collection

This inspirational print was written by the athlete, for the athlete, and represents a "life statement". It bridges the gap between every generation of athlete that has ever played the game, simply because they love to play the game. Nothing more, and nothing less!

Keep your motivational poster in pristine condition by having it custom framed with a high quality Nielsen black aluminum frame, or the executive black leather finish hardwood frame (see The Athlete Inside the Mirror for image of executive black leather finish hardwood frame). It is heat pressed to a foam board so it will last a lifetime. It is then finished with a clear and durable acrylic glass. Comes with hanging hardware. Looks great in your home or office. Shipped, protected, in a sturdy mirror box.

Quote Appearing on print:
""There is a freedom to this game. I feel it during thoughts of long walks down long fairways. I feel it in cool morning air. I feel it in eager approach to the clubhouse. In the locker room, I lace up my shoes, for I am an athlete going to play a game; no worries, life will be waiting for me afterward. Striding toward the first tee on a heavenly day where I can see the outlines of the ranger’s tracks amid the morning dew, I look towards the fairway’s conclusion in the unyielding distance and welcome the elements — the mist and dew, the stillness of the air, the chirp of birds somewhere out there and the presence of friends: “Who has honors this day?” Here, there is no time on a scoreboard, and no screaming in my ears while I calculate my swings; here there is only this shot, and the next shot, and I can call in no substitute to take them. Playing a game that regularly humbles the greatest of pros, I cut through the air with my clubhead, and with several practice swings, I search for a rhythm that will allow for a straight shot off the first, a rhythm that will influence my psyche and all ensuing shots of the day. Familiar sounds: the whoosh of a driver’s swing; the unique tune of a high iron connecting; the perfect strike versus one caught thin or fat; whispered curses minutes after polite compliment; gentle putter tap; and that sacred, indefinable sound of ball and cup uniting. The prayers: just let me hit it straight this time; give me a healthy kick; please don’t let it be buried; and “Get in the hole!” They are all beloved parts to the whole of this sublime experience. As the dew dissipates and the greens harden, there are putts to be sunk and there is always the secret hope among participants. That this will be the day where the swing comes alive. The hope to hit a perfect shot when it matters. The hope to make this game, today, My Masterpiece. "

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